Passion Vine Update

passion flower, austin

After returning from a trip last year to Peru where I ate passion fruit and granadillas, a yellow passion-fruit cousin, as often as I could, I planted a passion vine in my backyard.

I planted the vine, which I bought in a small pot, inside a tomato cage so it would have something to climb. The vine is a Texas Maypop, a native variety, so I’m hoping to get some fruit. So far, all that’s happened is one small fruit that appeared last year that was totally hollow inside.

But the vine is doing really well this spring. It’s grown more than I imagined it would in a year, wrapping around the tomato cage many times over. And the flowers. They’re gorgeous, and there are so many of them. Sometimes there will be five or six blooming at one time, and it makes me giddy that I was able to grow them, even if they don’t produce fruit (though I still hold out hope).

The flowers bloom when the full sun is on them, and they open quickly. It seems like only a few minutes from the time the purple petals start peeking out until the flower fully opens, revealing its gorgeous colors and crazy alien-head projections. I love it.

passion flower

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  1. Kenley Leigh says:

    YAY! I swear the flowers look even prettier this year than last! (Look forward to seeing them in person). Really hope that it will be able to produce some fruit too! :-)

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