Banzai Lunch

Banzai is one of my favorite places to hit up for lunch. The restaurant is not too far from my office, the service is fast and friendly, and the food is fresh. And they can cook a mean sushi rice.

I went with Matt twice in the last month, and we got some pretty satisfying veggie sushi. They’ve got a bunch of specials, all of which come with a small bowl of miso soup. The soup is simple and rich, a great way to start a meal.


We also had some refreshing veggie maki. These are the Tofu roll and the Chili Avocado roll. The Tofu roll has that sweet and rich tofu skin that makes everything taste better.

And we got the Jalapeno roll and the Spicy Vegetable roll. Both crunchy and delicious. The Jalapeno roll can be very spicy, depending on the season. They can get really hot, but are usually mildly spicy.



I almost always get an order of Inari, too. Inari is a little pocket made of sweet tofu skin that’s stuffed with seasoned sushi rice. It’s sweet and salty, and a little bit sour from the vinegar in the rice. And Banzai puts surprise avocado in theirs! And surprise avocado can be the best avocado there is.


I also really like the Veggie Sushi Bowl. It’s a big mound of their seasoned sushi rice, topped with all kinds of vegetables. Mine had broccoli, carrots, shitake mushrooms, avocado, cucumber and pickled ginger. Topped with a little bit of wasabi-spiced shoyu, it’s a great lunch. I love to have a little bit of lots of things when I eat, and I can eat around the bowl, picking up little bits of this and that.


Banzai Sushi and Grill
3914 North Lamar, Austin

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  1. I didn’t know Banzai had such great veggie options. Thanks for sharing this!

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