Coconut Milk Ice Cream at Lick


Lick Ice Creams is an adorable ice cream shop that’s squeezed into a little spot in the small strip center on South Lamar, sharing space with Barley Swine, Henri’s, El Meson, and the Horseshoe Lounge.

With its focus on using fresh local ingredients in their ice creams, Lick often changes its offerings based on what’s in season. Dairy-free and vegan ice creams are on the menu too. The menu itself made of tacked-on handwritten cards with descriptions of the flavors, making it easy to swap them out as the flavors change.


On my last trip there, I got a double scoop of ice cream made with coconut milk. I eat dairy, but the coconut flavors sounded too good to pass up. The Tart Toasted Coconut was rich, creamy, and nutty, with a bright citrus flavor that cut right through the coconutty richness. And the Coconut & Avocado Curd had amazing avocado flavor, and nice contrasting textures with the light ice cream and the thicker avocado curd swirled together. And the housemade waffle cone sent the whole thing right over the top. Often, I think the cone is the best part of the ice-cream-eating experience, and the waffle cone here is thin and crisp, but substantial enough to not get mushy.


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  1. Sounds awesome! We really need to get to Lick sometime soon! Have yet to try it. Perhaps next time we are down doing errands. :-)

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