Market Haul – August 24

farmers market peppers eggplant persimmon

I say this every time the seasons change, but this might be my favorite food season. I mean, look at all the good stuff I got at the downtown Austin farmers market last weekend!

Most of the produce is from Tecolote, a farm that grows what I think is some of the best produce you can get in Austin. They grow lots of heirloom fruits and vegetables, so they have a lot of varieties that you just don’t see anywhere else.

From Tecolote, I got: perfect eggplant, assorted sweet peppers, hot Hatch-style chiles, a frog skin melon, and a bag of smoked New Mexican chiles.

From Harvest Time, I got some gorgeous and sweet zephyr squash, the green-and-yellow summer squash at the bottom left. And from Lightsey, I got a basket of persimmons. These are the kind that are eaten when they’re firm. They’re a little underripe in the photo, but a few have turned a nice orange and are ready for eating!

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4 Responses to Market Haul – August 24

  1. Kristin says:

    Your blog is making me so hungry!

  2. It all looks so wonderful! Now…what exactly is a frog skin melon? And what is your favorite way to prepare it?

  3. Christine says:

    Hi guys!
    A frog skin melon is hard-skinned like a watermelon, and it has a pale greenish flesh, and a very sweet and floral flavor.

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