Taste of Ethiopia


Taste of Ethiopia is one of the places I’d visit all the time if I lived closer. It’s a little shop tucked into a little strip mall, off the highway in Pflugerville.

Their menu is organized into vegetarian and meat selections, which makes ordering very easy. On our last visit, Matt and I started with Ethiopian coffee, which they prepare fresh for you and serve in a traditional Ethiopian pot. The coffee service is beautiful, presented in woven baskets, which are also used for the meal. The freshly roasted coffee was strong and very satisfying.


Then we moved on to the Ultimate Combo, a big platter of six veggie and lentil stews. They’re gomen (spicy collard greens), fesiola (green beans and carrots with ginger and garlic), yemisir wot (spicy lentils flavored with fragrant berbere, a deep red Ethiopian spice blend), tikil gomen (sweet and mild cabbage and carrots), ater kik (earthy split peas stewed in bright yellow turmeric), and eggplant wot (eggplant simmered in spicy berbere). All the vegetable dishes were served on a big, round tray, atop an unfurled piece of fresh injera, a fermented fresh flatbread made with teff, a North African grain. The injera is earthy and tangy in flavor, and soft and spongy in texture. Thank goodness, you also get a basket of it to go with your meal, because the stuff is fantastic.

No utensils are served with your food; you eat it with your hands. First, tear off a piece of injera, then use it to pick up a bit of stew. Here, I’ll let Matt demonstrate:

taste of ethiopia platter


The platters underneath the injera layer are beautiful too, usually painted with a floral pattern. I wish I’d gotten a photo of one. I have to admit, I find it a little bit like Classic Concentration, the old game show where where people would answer questions to gradually reveal a rebus puzzle hidden underneath tiles. Fun and delicious!

Taste of Ethiopia
1110 Grand Avenue Parkway
Pflugerville, TX, 78613

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