Bouldin Creek Cafe’s New Dinner Menu

bouldin-raw-taco-saladI’ve been going to Bouldin Creek Cafe for years, since pretty much when I moved into the neighborhood. Back then, the cafe was in a rundown, falling-apart building, and they served vegetarian comfort food: breakfast all the time, lots of sandwiches, and a killer homemade veggie burger.

They moved into a new space a couple of years ago, one that’s much bigger, much brighter, and much less rundown and falling apart. It’s bright and airy, the food is still good, and the staff are still really friendly. And a while back, in addition to their regular menu, they started serving a special dinner menu (which changes a few times a year) that’s only available in the evenings, from 6-10.¬† They started serving their new spring menu a couple of weeks ago, and Matt and I hopped over to check it out.

We started with their Mango Nori Ceviche. It was delicious, with sweet, juicy mango, spicy onion, and lots of smashed avocado.


mango nori ceviche

Matt got a gorgeous Raw Taco Salad that had tons of good stuff on it: avocado, vegan sour cream (made with sunflower seeds), pickled carrots, sliced onions, and raw pecan “chorizo.” It was a pretty big salad with lots of fresh flavor.


raw taco salad

I got the new Enchiladas del Flor, made with hibiscus flowers. I loved their last enchilada special, but this one is even better. It’s stuffed with potatoes, cheese, and hibiscus flowers, and topped with a spicy chipotle sauce. The sauce was really good – spicy and tangy with lots of good chile flavor. The plate comes with refried or whole beans, and I chose refried, since Bouldin does them really well. The slaw on top was fresh and crunchy, but I wish there was a little more of it, to cut through the richness of the cheesy enchiladas.


enchiladas del flor

Here’s the new menu. Go get some!


Bouldin Creek Cafe
1900 S. First St.
Austin, TX 78704

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  1. We still really need to get there sometime!! You always give it such rave reviews :-)

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