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Bouldin Creek Cafe’s New Dinner Menu

I’ve been going to Bouldin Creek Cafe for years, since pretty much when I moved into the neighborhood. Back then, the cafe was in a rundown, falling-apart building, and they served vegetarian comfort food: breakfast all the time, lots of … Continue reading

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Silken Chocolate Corn Chip Pie

At  a recent potluck, the host (my lovely friend at Green Door Hospitality) requested all the guests bring a sweet dish. She provided the savory dishes. My mother-in-law makes a silken tofu pie that’s really delicious; made with just a … Continue reading

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Miso-Glazed Brussels Sprouts

Oh man, I love Brussels sprouts. Even as a child, they were one of my favorite vegetables. My mom used to get the frozen ones that comes packed in a butter sauce, and eventually switched to growing them in her … Continue reading

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Carrot Tarragon Soup

This weekend’s downtown farmers market was small. All the venders lined just one street, and I was a little worried there wouldn’t be much to be found. I was glad to be wrong. There were plenty of folks with fresh … Continue reading

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Fried Tofu

We eat a lot of tofu in this house. I’m a big fan of the stuff, cooked or uncooked, and I love the texture that frying imparts to tofu. But I have an aversion to deep-frying, for a few reasons: … Continue reading

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